Cycling Injuries

Attention Cyclists


How are you getting on with the long winter grind?

Our specialist Cycle Shoe Sole Thin Sport Footbed is one of the hugely popular Sole Moldable range giving the user a superb fit approaching that provided by an expensive custom made orthotic. Cycling orthotics have become extremely popular with pro cyclists who advise they help to provide comfort and allow the foot to engage fully in power generation and transference. The orthotic imparts greater feel and helps riders feel ‘connected’ to their bike

Our ever popular range of compression clothing will keep you warm and ensure you perform to your optimum as well as aiding recovery and helping to prevent that all too familiar stiffness after that long winter ride. Compression clothing has become increasingly popular with cyclists at the top level who full recognise the benefits to club and social riders wishing to improve performance.

Our entry level Red Venom brand provides excellent value and the premium Compressport and McDavid Brands are amongst the market leaders and used by athletes at the very highest level. For the more serious or elite cyclist wearing recovery clothing following training will aid metabolite clearance and drainage from the mu scles preventing cramp and muscle soreness ensuring you are prepared for your next session.

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