Sidas 3 Feet ‘Work’ Insole
Sidas 3 Feet ‘Work’ Insole
Sidas 3 Feet ‘Work’ Insole
Sidas 3 Feet ‘Work’ Insole

Sidas 3 Feet ‘Work’ Insole

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The Sidas 3 feet ‘Work’ insole is a high quality and affordable specialist off the shelf orthotic specifically designed for daily use for individuals who spend much of the day on their feet.  The robust construction also make these insoles suitable for walkers and they fit well into walking boots, shoes and also into Ski boots. It is a shock absorbing and supportive device that also controls the medial arch and hind-foot providing improved stability and optimising biomechanics in the foot and lower limb.  This product is a full shoe model, similar in size to a full inner sole and is suitable for all age ranges encompassed by the sizes available.

Who should use these insoles ?

Active individuals who spend time on their feet and require arch support, improved shock absorbance and increased stability of the ankle and foot. The Sidas 3 feet ‘Work’ insole is particularly suitable for individuals who suffer from achy feet and ankles after long days on their feet and for those who have mild to moderate pronation (flattening of the medial or inside arch of the foot) which can lead to a variety of injury issues in the biomechanical chain from the foot through the lower limb to the pelvis and spine.

Some examples of common conditions directly associated with pronation include :

  • Arch pain and general foot and ankle pain
  • Metatarsal pain including metatarsalgia
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • General achy knee and hip pain
  • Plantar fasciitis

Orthotics cannot solve all medical problems and if you are unsure as to the cause of your pain seek medical advice about the suitability of orthotics in your case.

How do these insoles work?

This insole helps to support the foot and the medial arch and calcaneus (heel bone) aiding normalisation of kinematics and biomechanics.  The insole builds in generous heel cushioning and has a comfort layer throughout to protect the whole foot.

Sizing and Technical Information:

Choose the ‘Mid ’ specification for lower or flatter  arches and the ’High’ specification for higher insteps.

Choose your own shoe size and although they will fit most shoe designs these orthotics can be trimmed using scissors at the front to fit different shoe shapes. If your shoe has a liner this can be removed to allow space for the Sidas insole and it can be used as a template to trim the Sidas insole. Please ensure you wish to keep the product before trimming as they cannot be returned after any alteration.

Off the shelf orthotics are suitable for mild to moderate problems. People with more severe problems may require podiatry or physiotherapy assessment and orthotic prescription - a process which provides custom made orthotics. Off the shelf orthotics can be a very effective and inexpensive way to solve less severe biomechanical issues such as pronation, mal-alignment and calcaneus valgus (flattening of the medial arch and accompanying outward deformity of the heel bone)

This Sidas 3 feet "work" insole is one of the best value-for-money 3D insoles on the market today. It is light and breathable, contributes to forefoot propulsion and supports a dynamic gait cycle. Recommended for normal foot types with mild to moderate deformity. i.e not suitable for a grossly cavus arch ( very high arch )  or for pes planus ( congenitally flat feet )