Restwell Backrest Cushion

Restwell Backrest Cushion

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This is a soft but supportive foam cushion with a super comfy feel. It supports the lower (lumbar) spine maintaining the lumbar lordosis and good spinal posture. The Restwell range of visco-elastic memory foam products has been developed to provide excellent stress relieving comfort and support. Fits most car seats, office chairs or easy chairs.

Who Should Use This?

For people who require a portable back rest cushion and support for use at home, work or in the car. It is suitable for people who suffer from back pain following injury including disc prolapse, whiplash associated disorder, lumbar and thoracic spondylosis, acute back strains and postural discomfort.

How Does it Work?

The soft yet supportive cushion helps to create an optimum lumbar lordosis (spinal curve). When the spine has a lordosis the discs, facet joints and soft tissues all sit in the correct alignment thus reducing postural stress. Supporting the spine gives the anti gravity muscles a rest if they are injured or fatigued.

Temperature responsive properties help to keep the spinal muscles warm aiding relaxation and reducing tone or spasm. Warmth enhances circulation and helps to reduce pain.

Sizing and Technical Information:

  • This cushion is made with memory foam and comes with soft removable and washable cover.
  • Size: W33cm x D12cm x H40cm approx.

Please note: when you first open this product you may notice the new foam smell. Please be assured that this is a normal feature of memory foam and will fade within a week of use.