Push Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex
Push Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex
Push Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex

Push Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex

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The Push Med Aequi Flex Ankle Brace is an elite standard functional ankle brace that provides extra support to weakened and injured ankles affording improved stability and helping to prevent re-sprain. Non elastic straps provide further support along the line of the ligaments in a similar fashion to that employed during protective ankle taping and the straps support an ingenious and patented reinforced protective shell with medial anchor.

Push Med braces are an elite quality range of sports braces from Push a leading Dutch brace manufacturer. The range has been developed to exacting standards by an experienced team of technicians in close co-operation with athletes and therapists. The very latest materials and techniques have been employed and our physiotherapists are very impressed with the quality and design of this premier range.

Who Should Use This?

The Push Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex can be used from adolescence into late middle age to support the ankle joint and its ligaments. An excellent sports or heavy use brace suitable for most sports including contact sport (rules allowing) that is as good as anything we have tested in the market.

This is a functional brace designed to use as the injured athlete returns to weight bearing rehabilitation and running or training drills. It provides anatomical support following injury to the ankle's lateral ligaments (outside of the ankle), medial (or deltoid ligament - inside of the ankle) and capsular ligaments (around the ankle). Specifically suitable for:

  • Serious (residual) ankle and sub-talar instability (under high stress)
  • Sub - acute lateral ankle ligament complex injuries
  • Antero lateral capsular strains of the ankle
  • Follow-up treatment of conservative or operated ankle fractures

How Does it Work?

Chartered physiotherapists routinely tape injured ankles to protect them running supportive bands of tape along and over the line of the injured ligaments to shorten and protect them. This clever brace uses the same principals. The patented principle of a medial anchor as a reinforced shell in combination with a non-elastic strap has been kept in the newly re-designed Aequi flex which now incorporates added padding that applies pressure to the entire affected area

The rigid support is situated exclusively on the medial side of the ankle which cleverly limits both inversion and eversion in the ankle and sub talar joints. The functional strap can be tightened proportional to the amount of swelling present. Additional compression to the joint can be provided by adjusting two elastic straps individually. As a result, the inversion – and eversion movement is functionally restricted, whilst allowing functional plantar/dorsi flexion. This means that during walking and running, normal movement patterns of the foot are not inhibited. The use of flexible materials guarantees optimal fit and comfort for the user in the treatment of ankle injuries

Sizing and Technical Information:

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this is the best functional ankle brace of its type on the market that they have tested. No brace is as good as tape applied immediately before activity by a trained therapist but this brace is the next best thing with the advantage of repeatable, quick and easy self application. This brace is not suitable for acutely swollen and injured ankles for which we advise thePneumatic Ankle Splint.

Measurement is the circumference around the heel as follows:

  • Size 1 = 27-31cm
  • Size 2 = 31-34cm
  • Size 3 = 34-40cm