Overdoor Traction Kit

Overdoor Traction Kit

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This is a high quality home use traction kit often used in physiotherapy clinics as a back up in case of mechanical problems for their electronic traction unit. The simple system which is quick and easy to set up consists of an overdoor Clamp and pulley with a cotton head halter, connection cord and spreader bar attached to a weight bag. The weight is altered by introducing or removing water to a max of 20lbs.

Who Should Use This?

This traction kit is for patients of all ages from adolescence onwards who suffer from neck pain with brachial referral (referral of pain or pins and needles into the arm or hand). Traction kits are for home use only following the assessment and advise of your medical practitioner. They can be used for any of the following conditions / injuries:

  • Prolapsed disc
  • Nerve root irritation or entrapment
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Brachialgia

How Does it Work?

Traction carefully and safely distracts the Intervertebral discs in the neck thus increasing the diameter of the spaces (Intervertebral Foramina) that the brachial nerves exit from (the nerves that supply the arm) thus reducing pressure on the ‘trapped’ or irritated nerves

Sizing and Technical Information:

Home traction kits should only be used under the supervision of your medical practitioner. One size fits all.