Omomed Shoulder Support
Omomed Shoulder Support
Omomed Shoulder Support

Omomed Shoulder Support

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The Omomed compressive shoulder support is brand new to the UK. A premium quality German shoulder support for protection of the shoulder joint and its supporting structures. It should be used following medical direction as a protective brace to limit movement and to hold the shoulder in a protected position.

This is a specialized support from Medi which should be used following advice from your physiotherapist or surgeon to ensure it is suitable for your injury. The support incorporates a compressive knit to add extra security and to localize support.

The Medi range of braces are a premium quality range of sports braces from MediGmbH & Co Ltd a leading German brace manufacturer since 1951. The range fits well into our product portfolio and our in house physiotherapists are extremely impressed with the quality and design of the range.

Who Should Use This?

This brace can be used from adolescence into old age to support the shoulder and related structures.

More specifically it is suitable for:

  • Following fractures around the shoulder after removal of a rigid cast or sling to provide ongoing support during rehabilitation
  • As a post operative resting splint – including following rotator cuff repair – SLAP lesion repair etc - Surgeon or physiotherapist to advise.
  • Following acute or chronic dislocation of the shoulder joint

How Does it Work?

The simple and compressive design incorporates a compressive knit and a circumferential chest support band to provide added support and to limit potentially injurious movement.

The elastic knit exerts external pressure to limit swelling and reduce muscular spasm.

The design holds the shoulder in a neutral position helping to ensure correct positioning of the humeral head in the glenoid ( socket )

Sizing and Technical Information:

All Medi supports are designed with functional every day use in mind. The carefully manufactured materials used have achieved the German quality standard award - Oko-Tex standard 100 - and are suitable for those with sensitive skin. All braces wick moisture away from their inner surface to evaporate from the outer surface and have anti-bacterial properties to reduce odour formation. Our testers found this extremely efficient even during long hard training sessions.

They incorporate a clever non slip system with precision weaves to minimise creasing during movement.

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is a good supportive brace often used when the post operative bulky cast / sling is removed but when some support is still required.

Users are advised to seek medical advice to ensure this is the correct brace for their specific condition


A range of sizes to fit all.

Please use the table below to determine your best size option: