Mueller Elastic Wrist Support

Mueller Elastic Wrist Support

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This is a compressive elastic support for weak, inflamed or injured wrists. Compression is provided via a special weave allowing full range of movement during activity. The elasticated design allows correct fit and comfort and machined edges prevent roll up.

Who Should Use This?

An elasticated wrist brace used to reduce mechanical stress and strain and to protect the wrist on return to sport after injury or to help prevent injury to weakened joint structures. This brace allows full range of movement and thus is suitable for those who need moderate support and compression. Suitable for racquet sports, light contact and ball handling sports and light to moderate manual work.

This elasticated wrist support is suitable for all ages both male and female subject to sizing. For those requiring range restriction and stronger support we would advise the Mueller HG80 Wrist brace

How Does it Work?

Compressive force supports the wrists ligamentous structures reducing stress on them during activity. The design traps in warmth soothing painful joints and structures.

Sizing and Technical Information:

This wrist support fits either hand and is available in 2 sizes. The appropriate size should be determined by measuring at the wrist joint.