Mueller Calf Support
Mueller Calf Support
Mueller Calf Support

Mueller Calf Support

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The Mueller calf support is a functional high quality calf sleeve ideal for protection of the gastrocnemius and soleus (calf) muscles , the musculo-tendinous junction with the achilles tendon and the anterior and lateral muscle groups of the lower leg. It can be worn during sport or during normal daily activity to support the calf and lower leg musculature

Who Should Use This?

This is a supportive muscular sports support for male and female athletes with no age restriction. It is commonly used in contact and non contact sports to keep muscles warm and provide extrinsic support. More specifically it should be used as with conditions such as:

  • Strains, muscle tears and partial ruptures benefit from the extra support and compression provided
  • Gastrocnemius Injuries
  • Soleus injuries
  • Musculo-tendinous junction injuries – e.g. in the posterior Calf with the tendo achilles
  • Anterior tibial muscle strain / inflammation (one form of shin splints)
  • Peroneus longus and lateral muscle inflammation

How Does it Work?

Circumferential support is provided by the contoured neoprene sleeve. The warmth and support provided reduces injury risk and aids optimum function and flexibility. Compressing muscle groups has long been recognized as a useful tool in injury prevention and helps to restrict the development of swelling (oedema).

Sizing and Technical Information:

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is an excellent and highly popular product often worn by individuals who are susceptible to calf and lower leg muscle injuries to help protect against re-injury as well as patients recovering from injury. Good results have been reported by patients suffering from soft tissue types of shin splints. It is however not suitable for compartment syndromes (pressure build up problems). Patients with circulatory problems or risk of DVT should seek medical advice prior to use

See size guide below for your individual requirements:

  • Medium: 28-41cm (11-16")
  • Large: 41-51cm (16-20")