MSD Shoulder Rope Pulley

MSD Shoulder Rope Pulley

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MSD's Shoulder Rope Pulley Door Anchor is Europe's leading shoulder pulley. It is for people who require a simple over the door pulley system to help mobilise and exercise at home. An inexpensive solution to increase range of motion at the shoulder joint and shoulder girdle used in prophylaxis (prevention) and rehabilitation of the shoulder.

Who Should Use This?

Suitable for use by adults or children (when supervised) following injury or conditions that lead to stiff or frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis) during rehabilitation or as part of a preventative exercise regime.

Suitable for shoulder abduction, shoulder adduction, shoulder flexion, internal rotation, external rotation, horizontal flexion, horizontal extension, diagonal lifts, diagonal chops.

How Does it Work?

The pulley allows the user to stretch a painful arm / upper limb joint by using their non-injured arm via a simple pulley system that fixes easily and quickly via a re-inforced tab that is secured by a closed door against the door frame.

Sizing and Technical Information:

The pulley is easily mounted over a doorway or can be used with any safe overhead mounting. Unique handles allow the user to easily adjust the length of the rope. Constructed from robust materials the pulleys can be altered for any door height or size of person. The pulleys are provided with an instruction manual and exercise guide. If you have suffered more serious injury ask your physiotherapist or medical advisor for help.