McDavid Wrist Support with Extra Strap

McDavid Wrist Support with Extra Strap

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A well designed wrist support from McDavid used to reduce mechanical stress and strain and to protect the wrist on return to sport after injury or to help prevent injury to weakened joint structures during sport or at work. Suitable for racquet sports, light contact and ball handling sports.

It is made of nylon facing fabric supported by a thumb lock Velcro fastening and wrist strap. Thisprovides a functional wrist brace which allows activity whilst giving a good degree of support.

Who Should Use This?

The McDavid wrist support with extra strap can be used from adolescence into middle age to support the wrist and its ligaments following sports injury or injury in the workplace or home. Suitable for men and women as follows:

  • Following ligament and capsular sprains to the wrist
  • Following certain fractures (on specialist advice)
  • Ideal for use when skiing or snow boarding , ball handling sports , contact sports (where rules of play allow)
  • Ideal for use at work when wrist protection is required

How Does it Work?

Compression and support is provided by a combination of 2 sets of velcro straps and an elasticated design which affords a custom fit. Full finger and thumb movement remains available making this a highly functional brace.

Sizing and Technical Information:

The Mc David wrist support with extra strap fits either hand and comes in 2 sizes. The appropriate size should be determined by measuring at the wrist crease.

Size Wrist Circumference
Medium up to 16cm
Large 16 - 21cm