McDavid Women's  Targeted Compression Top

McDavid Women's Targeted Compression Top

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This women's targeted compression top from McDavid targets your very best performance. It is a professional standard top designed for female athletes incorporating a four way stretch design to provide optimal support for the thorax and upper limbs. It is suitable for use under other sports clothing for training or on match day. McDavid's targeted compression tops promote fast recovery. They have the hDc moisture management technology and are manufactured to provide high levels of durability.

This compression top provides compressive support during exercise and sport which:

  • Aids circulation including venous return
  • Aids oxygenation and nutrition of the musculo-tendinous units improving performance
  • Aids lymphatic and metabolite drainage reducing muscle discomfort during and after exercise.

Importantly it aids performance. The thermal and compressive qualities of the high tech fabrics keep the musculo-tendinous units warm and operating at their optimum efficiency thus aiding performance and injury prevention

Who Should Use This?

This full arm length contoured compression top is designed specifically for women and is suitable for use during sport training and competition. It is very popular with cyclists, runners, triathletes and in field sports. It is for sportsmen who require professional levels of performance and injury protection via intelligent compressive and thermal protection of the thorax and upper limb musculature.

How Does it Work?

The high tech materials keep the joints and muscles warm and compressed aiding circulation and thus providing improved oxygenation and nutrient supply to the contractile tissue and enhanced waste product and lactate removal. This improves efficiency and performance and aids in injury prophylaxis. There is no limitation of range of movement or function making this compression top extremely versatile and popular.

Sizing and Technical Information

The material is lightweight and has a contoured design so there is no bunching or riding up during activity.

Measure around the chest to determine appropriate sizing

Size Chest Measurement
Small 80 - 85 cm
Medium 86 - 90 cm
Large 91 - 95 cm
X-Large 96 - 100 cm
XX-Large 101 - 105 cm

Please note size XXL is available as a special order only - expected delivery time of 10 days