Lumbamed Disc - Lower Back Brace
Lumbamed Disc - Lower Back Brace
Lumbamed Disc - Lower Back Brace

Lumbamed Disc - Lower Back Brace

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The Lumbamed Disk back brace is new to the UK. A premium quality German brace ideal for protection of the lower spine. The support provides the ranges highest level of support for those requiring greater support in a stable but weak or injured lumbar spine.

This is a specialized functional brace for the lower spine. The brace is reinforced circumferentially as with all Lumbamed braces with their unique inner hand loops – support straps which provide added support and aid application. In addition the exchangeable stabilizing rods add strength to the design.

The Medi range of braces are a premium quality range of sports braces from MediGmbH & Co Ltd a leading German brace manufacturer since 1951. The range fits well into our product portfolio and our in house physiotherapists are extremely impressed with the quality and design of the range.

Who Should Use This?

This brace can be used from adolescence into old age to support the lower spine. Popular in the home , work and sporting environment.

More specifically it is suitable for:

  • Acute or chronic low back pain
  • Mechanical low back pain including inter- vertebral disc injury
  • Following acute muscle strain
  • Facet joint disorders and arthritis
  • Lumbar Spondylosis
  • To provide post operative support
  • Use in manual jobs to provide extra support

How Does it Work?

The circumferential support incorporates exchangeable stabilizing rods which add strength to the design.This modular design ( back pad plus 2 sets of rods with differing degrees of stiffness ) allows the stability of the brace to be altered as therapy progresses or circumstances change

Sizing and Technical Information:

All Medi supports are designed with functional every day use in mind. The carefully manufactured materials used have achieved the German quality standard award - Oko-Tex standard 100 - and are suitable for those with sensitive skin. All braces wick moisture away from their inner surface to evaporate from the outer surface and have anti-bacterial properties to reduce odour formation. Our testers found this extremely efficient even during long hard training sessions.

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is an excellent high end range product for those with Low Back Pain and is perhaps the most supportive brace in our range for those who need it. The option of the exchangeable stabilizing rods which add strength to the design is highly useful and innovative.


A range of sizes to fit all

Please refer to table below to determine your best size option: