Instant Ice Pack

Instant Ice Pack

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This is a single use throw away ice pack ideal for travel and first aid kits. The plastic self contained pack consists of crystals which are activated to freeze by bursting a chemical blister within the pack . The simple crush to activate mechanism provides 20 mins of therapeutic cold. The Instant ice pack is ideal for use on the training field or on match days when no refrigerator is available.

Who Should Use This?

All individuals who require instant cold whilst at work, travelling or on the move when a fridge is not available.

Following sports injury, soft tissue injury or injury in the workplace or home where cold is required to limit internal bleeding, swelling and inflammation.

How Does it Work?

Cold or cryotherapy can be used to vaso-constrict local blood vessels following injury. Short periods of cold applied immediately after injury restrict local blood supply and this limits bleeding and thus subsequent swelling or oedema. Cooling also reduces the metabolic demand of surrounding tissues so they become less likely to suffer injury due to interruption of their normal blood supply during the injury. Often used as part of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) protocol

Sizing and Technical Information:

One size pack - please dispose of responsibly. An ideal solution for those that need an ice pack on the go and for first aid kits where ice may be required away from normal facilities.