Gelx Gel Metatarsal Strap (Covered)

Gelx Gel Metatarsal Strap (Covered)

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This gel metatarsal strap by Gelx is a shock absorbing and cushioned pad that is held in place behind the web of the toes supporting the metatarsal heads and necks by a comfortable thick and high quality fabric sheath.

Who Should Use This?

Adolescents and adults with pain in the forefoot. Suitable for both men and women. More specifically suitable for pain in the forefoot associated with:

  • Metatarsagia
  • Mortons Neuroma
  • Bruising
  • Freibergs syndrome ( early stages )
  • Fat pad atrophy

How Does it Work?

This metatarsal strap re-distributes and reduces impact pressure associated with walking, running or carrying excess weight.

Sizing and Technical Information:

It supports the anterior arch of the foot and cushions the forefoot a very simple and effective device to help relieve forefoot pain with Gelx's mineral m-gel. It has a covered gel pad preventing contact with the skin.

Size Guide - for average Strap Width feet, the suggested size should be from UK 8 upwards to use large/XL and for all sizes below to use Small/Medium. As this product slips around the entire foot, if the feet are wider than average it may be necessary to use a Large for smaller shoe sizes. Also for thinner than average feet, sizes above UK 8 may require a small size.