Gel Handle Adjustable Walking Stick

Gel Handle Adjustable Walking Stick

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This walking stick is a very high quality and sturdy folding stick with gel grip handle. The gel grip reduces pressure on wrist and hand which is particularly helpful for those with arthritis in the upper limb or for those with very thin and bony hands who find wooden or plastic handles too hard and uncomfortable.

Who Should Use This?

This stick is suitable for all individuals who require an adjustable sturdy, folding walking stick to aid with walking and mobility. Suitable for all ages within the height range of 5 ft - 5'10. It is suitable for use as a mobility aid following trauma or surgery

How Does it Work?

Walking sticks increase the base of support when ambulating making it safer and easier to walk and thus reducing the risk of falls and trips.

Sizing and Technical Information:

Suitable for people in the 5 ft - 5'10 range. If you have one painful limb or joint the stick should be used in the opposite hand to help distribute your body weight. If used for balance or mobility it should be used in your dominant hand.