Gel Ease Arch Wrap

Gel Ease Arch Wrap

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This arch wrap is a shock absorbing and cushioned pad that is held in place in the medial arch by a comfortable thick and high quality fabric sheath. It is adjustable via its Velcro attachment.

Who Should Use This?

Adolescents and adults with pain in the medial arch (inside of the foot). Suitable for men and women. More specifically pain in the midfoot and medial arch associated with:

  • Mild pronation
  • Medial arch strain
  • Ligament strain
  • Bruising of the arch – contusion secondary to trauma
  • Some forms of plantar fasciitis

How Does it Work?

This gel based wrap for the arch of the foot helps to cushion the arch and re-distributes and reduces impact pressure associated with walking, running or carrying excess weight.

Sizing and Technical Information:

It supports the medial arch of the foot and cushions the forefoot a very simple and effective device to help relieve midfoot pain. It is not suitable for those with a cavus (a very deep arch), marked pronation or calcaneal (heel) spurs. The gel pad is completely covered preventing contact with the skin.

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