Fitness Mad Weight Lifting Belt

Fitness Mad Weight Lifting Belt

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The Fitness-Mad weight lifting belt is designed to offer extra back support when performing heavy lifts in the gym or the work place. This sturdy neoprene belt is fully adjustable with a velcro closure and strong metal buckle. The contoured shape ensures a snug fit to the lower back.

Who should use this

Athletes and manual workers who require a lightweight sturdy but flexible lifting belt that can be worn under or over a T shirt or similar garment and that protects the lumbar spine.

How does it work

The Fitness-Mad lifting belt increases abdominal pressure and provides circumferential support to the spine thus enhancing the bodies natural supportive mechanism whilst lifting. This reduces strain and stress on the supportive muscles , the ligaments and intervertebral discs reducing the risk of injury.

Sizing and technical information

A very strong and comfortable neoprene design which is adjustable and sized to ensure a perfect fit.

To suit waist sizes:-

SMALL = 70 - 85 CM (27.5” – 33”)

Medium – 81 – 96cm (32”-37”)

Large – 94 – 109cm (37”-42”)

X Large – 108 – 124cm (42” – 50”)