Fitness Mad Soft Weights 2 x 0.5kg

Fitness Mad Soft Weights 2 x 0.5kg

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These soft weights from Fitness Mad are safe and easily gripped in the hand. Being small and soft dropping them causes less potential for damage to you or your property. They are used to provide low level resistance during exercise, commonly used in yoga and pilates sessions and by athletes for strengthening via plyometric exercise.

Who Should Use This?

These weights are for customers who require small soft weights that are easy and safe to use at home or in an exercise class setting - used to improve core strength and strength of arm, spinal and abdominal muscles. They are suitable for men and women from adolescence onwards.

How Does it Work?

Soft weights are designed for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training, and mobilisation exercises. In addition to offering a more fluid range of motion to using a standard dumbbell, the soft weight design is safer, reducing the risk of damage or injury if the weight is dropped. The shape also helps to promote the development of functional grip strength. DOP free PVC outer shell with sand filling diameter of 12cm and weight of 0.5Kg x 2.

Sizing and Technical Information:

Soft plastic outer shell with sand filling.

Diameter 12cm

Weight 0.5Kg x 2

Packed in a colour box