Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer - Medium

Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer - Medium

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These clever and versatile studio pro safety resistance trainers from Fitness Mad provide a safe alternative to resistance exercise tubes. The outer protection sleeve virtually removes the risks associated with tube failure or snapping and also extends the life of the latex tube. The ingenious door attachment allows you to create your own gym allowing a whole range of arm, shoulder and torso exercises.

It is supplied with 12 page training manual covering 19 key resistance exercises for a total body workout.

Who Should Use This?

These resistance trainers are for people that want to exercise in the comfort of their home using resistance tubing but require a safer and more sophisticated item than a simple piece of tubing. They can be used from adolescence into late middle age to exercise at home or in a class. Used by many sportsmen and women to strengthen muscle throughout the body, improve core stability and refine motor control.

To improve general, functional, sports specific, dynamic or explosive strength. If you can only afford one piece of exercise kit or have limited storage space then consider a resistance trainer - a modern inexpensive home gym! They can be used for rehabilitation after injury or for general or sports specific training purposes. Resistance trainers are ideal following shoulder injury or surgery to rehabilitate the shoulder musculature and rotator cuff in functional patterns as well as allowing PNF pattern training (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular exercise)

How Does it Work?

The resistance trainer can be used as a 'stand alone' item or it can be combined with a Swissball to perform core exercises. It can be used to strengthen all areas of the body including the shoulders, back, arms and legs as well as training core strength. The trainer can be attached to a well fitted standard household door via the included door attachment device or can be secured via the legs and feet - all is explained in the helpful instruction manual

Sizing and Technical Information:

Resistance: Medium - ideal for beginners, those who have already used the 'light' version or for rehabilitation following injury.

Length: Industry standard length tube of 120cm. Total length including handles is 155cm

Stretch: 4 times original length

TPR handles for comfortable grip

Colour: Green nylon protection sleeve

Warning: Contains Latex tube inside the nylon protection sleeve