Fitness Mad Resistance Band Strong 1.5m x 15cm

Fitness Mad Resistance Band Strong 1.5m x 15cm

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This is a high quality high resistance latex exercise band from Fitness Mad to improve general, functional or sports specific strength. It can be used for rehabilitation after injury or for general or sports specific training purposes.

Who Should Use this?

For people who want a high quality and strong resistance exercise band and key exercise instruction sheet to guide them. It can be used to exercise at home or in a class and is used by men and women to strengthen muscle throughout the body, improve core stability and refine motor control.

How Does it Work?

The resistance trainer can be used as a 'stand alone' item or it can be combined with a Swissball to perform core exercises. It can be used to strengthen all areas of the body including the shoulders, back, arms and legs as well as training core strength.

Sizing and Technical Information:

This is our strongest band and is ideal for those new to resistance training or for use in rehabilitation following injury. Guide provides a total body workout

Resistance Level: Strong

Size: 150cm x 15cm

Colour: Black

Warning: Contains Latex - Do Not Use if Allergic to latex