Physio Warehouse Wrist Brace
Physio Warehouse Wrist Brace

Physio Warehouse Wrist Brace

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Physio Warehouse's excellent value 'Futura Type' wrist brace that provides excellent support whilst allowing light activities of daily living. It helps provide relief from pain and swelling while maintaining full range of movement of thumb and fingers whilst restricting wrist movement . Ideal for supporting and protecting arthritic, inflamed, weak or injured wrists. The integral metal insert supports hand and wrist from below and can be bent to conform to your wrist. The brace is fully adjustable via Velcro straps.

Who Should Use This?

Men and Women who require wrist protection and resting following injury, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Suitable for mild to moderate cases. If greater protection and immobilisation is required we advise Mueller Wrist Stabiliser

This inexpensive brace is designed to help relieve hand and wrist pain caused by injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis and arthritis. It gently immobilises the hand and wrist in a neutral, comfortable position - all day or night. This is a resting brace that allows low level function but is not suitable for sport or manual work as it limits movement. For these circumstances we advise the Mueller HG80 Wrist brace.

How Does it Work?

Inflamed wrist structures often need to be rested and protected. This fabric brace provides gentle compression and limits wrist movement via the metal insert which sits on the palmer aspect.

Sizing and Technical Information

This Physio Warehouse wrist brace is suitable for all ages both male and female subject to sizing. The length of the support is 9.5”. The appropriate size should be determined by measuring the wrist circumference.