Arriva Sacroiliac Belt

Arriva Sacroiliac Belt

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A high quality, durable support with wrap around design featuring Velcro fastening support straps

Who Should Use This?

Customers who require pelvic support anteriorly and posteriorly during and shortly after pregnancy or for people who injure the Symphysis Pubis or Sacro-Iliac Joints and require compressive support.

Suitable for use from late adolescence onwards, for people with conditions such as.

  • Symphysis pubis Injury
  • Sacro-Iliac Strain or injury
  • Lower back pain during pregnancy: Symphysis pubis strain and discomfort
  • Sacro-Iliac strain and discomfort

This brace is designed to support the ligaments which hold together the pelvic joints at the front ( Symphysis Pubis ) and at the back ( Sacro-Iliac ) during pregnancy and shortly afterwards when hormones released during pregnancy loosen the pelvic ligaments to allow the baby to pass safely through the pelvis during birth. The laxity caused to the ligaments causes pain and dysfunction and may continue during breastfeeding.

This brace has a dual function and can be used by men and women following injury or strain the pelvic joints.

How Does it Work?

This support provides compressive force reducing the stress on the pelvic joints and their ligaments and thus reducing pain and dysfunction.

Sizing and Technical Information:

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is an excellent and highly popular product with midwives, pregnant women and physiotherapists. During or After pregnancy advice should be sought from your midwife, GP or therapist .