Anti-Burst Swiss Ball 65cm, 300kg load rating

Anti-Burst Swiss Ball 65cm, 300kg load rating

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This swiss ball is a very strong and high quality product with a 300kg loading capacity. All our Swiss balls have been quality tested for burst resistance and loading and are extremely safe when used correctly. This ball is lighter than our heavy duty balls but still very strong.

Who Should Use This?

This is our smallest diameter regular duty exercise ball and is for use by people under 5ft 6' who like to exercise at home or need a high quality exercise ball to take to a class. It is suitable for men and women from adolescence to late middle age.

Swiss balls are ideal for core stability exercises for the upper limb, legs and torso, pilates, yoga, weight training and proprioceptive and balance training. They are often used by those with mechanical low back pain to develop core strength.

How Does it Work?

Swiss / exercise balls allow exercise to be undertaken whilst balancing on a slightly unstable and dynamic surface. This forces the bodies core muscles, proprioceptive and balance systems to try to resist any unwanted movement and to provide a stable base to work from, thus improving their efficiency.

Sizing and Technical Information:

This product comes unboxed and supplied as a single item - no pump included.

Size: 65cm; Load capacity: 300kg