Activewrap Knee Wrap
Activewrap Knee Wrap
Activewrap Knee Wrap
Activewrap Knee Wrap
Activewrap Knee Wrap
Activewrap Knee Wrap

Activewrap Knee Wrap

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This knee wrap by Activewrap is a top end professional product. A flexible and reusable hot or cold pack secured in a custom designed elasticated and adjustable wrap specifically manufactured for the knee joint and patello femoral joint. A high quality active medical plush™ compress wrap complete with two professional quality cryotherapy / thermal pads that can be arranged and secured in any configuration within the wrap targeting the injured tissues specifically. No more struggling to bend and then secure a hard ice pack around the bony contours of your knee.

Who Should Use This?

This knee wrap is for the high level athlete or discerning individual who requires ease and speed of application with excellent fit and adjustability. The hugely popular ActiveWrap range of hot / cold wraps offer a near custom fit for specific joints from an off the shelf product. No more amateurish strapping on a bag of crushed ice!

It can be used for the following injuries / situations:

  • Following soft tissue injury
  • Following knee surgery
  • Following total knee replacement (arthroplasty)
  • Cartilage (meniscal) injury or following surgery
  • Ligament injury including medial, lateral or cruciate ligaments or following reconstructive surgery
  • Following subluxation or dislocation of the patella
  • Anterior knee pain including patella tendonitis, chonromalacia patella
  • bursitis
  • Contusions and soft tissue trauma

How Does it Work?

Following soft tissue injury cold or cryotherapy can be used to vaso-constrict local blood vessels . Short periods of cold applied immediately after injury restrict local blood supply and this limits bleeding and thus subsequent swelling or oedema. Cooling also reduces the metabolic demand of surrounding tissues so they become less likely to suffer injury due to interruption of their normal blood supply during the injury.

In sub acute injury both cold and heat can be used to promote blood flow to an injured area to induce relaxation of local muscles that may be in spasm. Increased blood flow also brings in the oxygen and nutrients required for optimal healing and repair.

Sizing and Technical Information:

This product can be microwaved for heat therapy and frozen for ice therapy. It is reusable and washable and allows you to remain mobile with the pack in situ – injury allowing. It is suitable for alternate hot/cold treatment – injury dictating. It has been designed following collaboration with physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, and endorsed by leading coaches and athletes around the world.

See box below for sizing options. Measure 3" above the knee.

Small-Medium: Under 18"

Large- XL: Over 18"