Activewrap Hip Ice Heat Wrap
Activewrap Hip Ice Heat Wrap
Activewrap Hip Ice Heat Wrap

Activewrap Hip Ice Heat Wrap

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The active wrap hip heat and ice wrap is an elite quality thermal compression wrap provided complete with 1 extra large heat and ice pack. The active wrap provides targeted cold and heat therapy providing pain relief and is designed for ease of use with the comfortable and easy to apply compression wrap allowing the user to remain mobile during use.

Who should use this?

The wrap is for individuals who are suffering from hip or lateral buttock pain and who require a professional standard Heat or Ice pack.It allows thermal treatment to be applied via a pack with a high standard of temperature retaining properties.

The active wrap hip wrap is commonly used following hip surgery, for conditions such as trochanteric bursitis and following muscle and soft tissue injuries, in cases of gluteal tendinopathy at the greater trochanter and for arthritis in the hip joint. The compressive hip support that contains the removable ice packs also provides circumferential support allowing more comfortable function.

How does it work?

Many conditions causing hip pain and associated spasm benefit from the use of cold therapy in the acute phase immediately after injury or heat therapy in the sub acute phase or chronic phase.

Following soft tissue injury cold or cryotherapy can be used to vaso-constrict local blood vessels. Short periods of cold applied immediately after injury restrict local blood supply and this limits bleeding and thus subsequent swelling or oedema. Cooling also reduces the metabolic demand of surrounding tissues so they become less likely to suffer injury due to interruption of their normal blood supply during the injury.

Heat is used to promote blood flow to an injured area in the sub acute or chronic injury and to induce relaxation of local muscles that may be in spasm. Blood brings in the oxygen and nutrients required for healing and repair.

Sizing and Technical Information

The ActiveWrap® heat and ice back support features circumferential fit and adjustability. Complete with the professional standard 7 x10" hot/cold pack and a durable compression support wrap. Features Active Medical Plush™ fabric

It is reusable and washable – more cost effective that disposable heat patches.

These quality packs are unlike anything on the market. Microwave for heat therapy; freeze for ice therapy.

Each ActiveWrap® Hip Wrap features:

Universal one size fits many design for use on both left or right hip.

One extra large size 13.5" x 9" non-toxic, reusable heat and ice insert that is thick, non-migrating and flexible.

New DLP ice cover is designed to give the user the ability to control and adjust the temperature of their heat and ice insert.

All ultra plush design delivers the most comfortable feel of any hip wrap on the market.

Completely detachable leg strap secures wrap and provides compression where it's needed. Strap can be removed for acute patients in need of maximum comfort and minimal movement. Great for when wedge is in place following surgery.

Wide waist straps to easily slide and grab under patient when lying down

Sustainable and convenient drawstring storage bag aids in keeping patients organized in and out of the hospital.

One Year Warranty through ActiveWrap®, Inc.

Additional pack can be added to the hip wrap for total versatility, increased coverage, and overall cost savings.


Wrap 21" x 16.5"

Strap (each side) 15" x 6" wide

Heat/Ice Pack 13.5" x 9"