ActiveWrap Heat / Ice Pack - Small
ActiveWrap Heat / Ice Pack - Small

ActiveWrap Heat / Ice Pack - Small

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This ice / heat pack from ActiveWrap is a high quality reusable flexible pack that freezes quickly and heats quickly but remains malleable to conform to the injured body part. Microwave for heat therapy; freeze for ice therapy.

Who Should Use This?

This heat / ice wrap is for individuals who require a professional athlete standard heat or ice pack that can be used on small body areas such as the elbow or wrist or for use in children or smaller adults. It allows cold or heat to be applied via a pack with a high standard of temperature retaining properties. It can be used following sports injury, soft tissue injury or injury in the workplace or home where cold is required to limit internal bleeding, swelling and inflammation.

How Does it Work?

Cold or cryotherapy can be used to vaso-constrict local blood vessels following injury. Short periods of cold applied immediately after injury restrict local blood supply and this limits bleeding and thus subsequent swelling or oedema. Cooling also reduces the metabolic demand of surrounding tissues so they become less likely to suffer injury due to interruption of their normal blood supply during the injury. Often used as part of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) protocol.

Heat is used to promote blood flow to an injured area in the sub acute or chronic injury and to induce relaxation of local muscles that may be in spasm. Blood brings in the oxygen and nutrients required for healing and repair.

Sizing and Technical Information:

These packs may be used as a stand alone product or attached to the body using the specialist active wrap anatomical sleeves. If used as a stand alone product as with all gel based ice or heat packs appropriate covers should be place around the pack to prevent skin damage or burns.

Set of 2 Heat/Ice Packs, small 4.5" X 6.5" size. These spares are sized for the ActiveWrap Wrist, Ankle and Elbow wraps. The colour of ice may vary.

The Two innovative heat/ice inserts contain an elastic gel that will never push away ensuring uniform temperature at the injury site.