Track & Field Injuries

Attention Athletes 

We trust you have had a good track season and are now looking to dig deep as winter training  looms.

You will be aware that as training intensity and quality changes throughout the winter injuries start to creep in and we have some excellent tried and tested products to help you stay fit and injury free.

Shock absorbing products reduce stress on the joints, shins and spine leading to less injury and keeping conditions such as shin splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome ) at bay. Our range of shock absorbing insoles and heel pads are amongst our best sellers and highly regarded.

For those of you with mild to moderate pronation issues our sidas insoles or heat mouldable SOLE insoles improve your biomechanics, reducing stress and injury risk and can be worn in most trainers ( remember Spikes can accommodate orthoses but will often need to be a half or full size up to do so ).

Our ever popular range of compression clothing will keep you warm and ensure you perform to your optimum as well as aiding recovery and helping to prevent that all too familiar stiffness the next morning. For more serious or elite athletes wearing recovery clothing following training will aid metabolite clearance and drainage.

Look after your skin with our blister packs or second skin products and check out our strapping tape if you need to protect or unload an injured area or structure.

Our range of cryotherapy products provide early first aid for soft tissue injuries promoting early recovery.

Remember winter training is the crucial platform for summer success !

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