Jura Clasp for Tennis / Golfers Elbow

Jura Clasp for Tennis / Golfers Elbow

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A high quality tennis and golfers elbow brace lined with a replaceable silicone pad that allows the brace to conform to the contours of the forearm and used to reduce strain on the common flexor tendon / origin (golfers elbow on the inside of the joint) and the common extensor tendon and origin at the elbow (tennis elbow on the outside of the joint). It comes supplied with replacement silicone inner.

The Jura clasp can be used equally effectively for tennis elbow or golfers elbow during sporting activity or manual work.

Who Should Use This?

The Jura clasp can be used from adolescence onwards to support the elbow and the attached muscles and tendons. Suitable for sportsmen and women who require a low profile, lightweight more rigid support than tennis elbow straps

How Does it Work?

As with tendon straps it works by compressing the volume of the tendon decreasing the longitudinal forces placed upon them during muscular contraction and activity. When the fingers grip or the wrist is used some of the muscular force is deflected around the strap thus reducing strain on the tendon origins at the elbow.

Sizing and Technical Information

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is a high quality and effective product popular with manual workers and sports people alike. As with tendon straps it is advised for patients with mild to moderate symptoms but not for tendon tears or acutely inflamed and severely painful injuries which should be treated by a professional.

The required size should be determined by measuring the circumference of the widest part of the forearm.