Yaktrax Walker
Yaktrax Walker
Yaktrax Walker

Yaktrax Walker

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The Yaktrax Walker is an elasticated rubber framework embedded with metal coils that bite into ice and snow providing grip and traction. The durable natural rubber frame is hard wearing & is stretched easily to pull over the base of your shoe but will return to its original shape time and time again. The Velcro restraining straps ensure the device is not pulled off your shoe and lost in deep snow.

Who Should Use This?

This product is for people of all ages who require an anti slip device giving them traction and grip on ice and snow. Yaktrax provide more than ten-times the gripping points than many other spike-based traction devices and give very high levels of grip.

It is for use in moderate depths of snow, ice and wintry conditions

How Does it Work?

The Yaktrax Walker is an anti slip and traction device whose metal coils bite into ice and snow to provide greater grip.

Sizing and Technical Information:

The Yaktrax Walker has high strength horizontal coils that provide forward & backward stability.

The skidlock coil system creates a secure grip on snow and ice. Not to be worn on tiled or hard surfaces.

Appropriate care is always advised when using any similar device

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