Push Med Knee Brace
Push Med Knee Brace
Push Med Knee Brace
Push Med Knee Brace

Push Med Knee Brace

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The Push Med Knee brace offers the highest level of valgus and varus support for the collateral ligaments and protection for the knee in this type of brace and price range. Our physiotherapists were amazed at the level of support the brace provides in this price range. It is a functional high quality brace ideal for protection of the knee and its supporting structures, soft tissues and ligaments. It can be used as a functional sports brace or in the active working environment for those requiring moderate to high levels of support in a semi-stable or injured joint.

The brace is reinforced laterally and medially by a unique patented leaf spring mechanism which is extremely strong and has a patella supporting pad reducing pressure on the knee cap. The engineered design and stabilising straps allow a custom fit.

Push Med braces are an elite quality range of sports braces from Push a leading Dutch brace manufacturer. The range has been developed to exacting standards by an experienced team of technicians in close co-operation with athletes and therapists. The very latest materials and techniques have been employed and our physiotherapists are very impressed with the quality and design of this premier range.

Who Should Use This?

This brace can be used from adolescence into middle age to support the knee joint and its ligaments. It is a very good lightweight sports brace suitable for most sports including contact sport (rules allowing). More specifically it is suitable for:

  • Damaged and injured Medial Ligament complex of the knee
  • Damaged and injured lateral Ligament complex of the knee
  • Anterior and posterior cruciate sprains when the knee remains stable
  • Minor cartilage (meniscal) injuries to provide added protection
  • Weak or vulnerable knees when extra support is needed
  • Use when skiing and snowboarding for extra confidence
  • Use when training for extra confidence
  • Use as a sporting brace (where rules allow)
  • Use in manual jobs to provide extra support to injured or inflamed joints

How Does it Work?

Your Push med knee brace offers a high level of support and protection to the knee joint. The knee joint is supported in the valgus/ varus ( medial - lateral ) direction by means of a mechanical construction consisting of leaf spring joints and non-elastic connections. This does not prevent flexion or extension of the knee joint or restriction at the patello-femoral joint. The silicone implants stimulate proprioception of the knee helping the wearer to anticipate imminent trauma.

Comfort zones of padded material have been manufactured around vulnerable areas of the joint. The brace is made of Sympress ™, a high-quality comfortable material. The use of micro-fibres makes the inside feel soft and keeps the skin dry. The Push med knee brace can be washed normally.

Sizing and Technical Information:

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is an excellent and highly popular product in this price range and is often worn by individuals who are susceptible to knee strains who require a lightweight functional brace that allows them to train or exercise providing extra support and protection.

This brace is not suitable if frank instability ( rupture or severe tears causing gross instability ) is present in the knee. For these situations we would advise you to seek the advice of your doctor or physiotherapist as you may require a custom made brace or surgical stabilization.

Our therapists have found that those with well muscled calf or thigh find the manufacturer's sizing too tight and hence we suggest the following sizes:

Measured as the circumference around the top of the calf and below the knee cap

  • 1 = 26-29cm
  • 2 = 29-32cm
  • 3 = 32-35cm
  • 4 = 35-39cm
  • 5 = 39-43cm