Mueller Jumpers Knee Strap
Mueller Jumpers Knee Strap

Mueller Jumpers Knee Strap

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The Mueller jumper's knee strap is A self adjustable tendon strap used to reduce stress on the Patella Tendon just below the knee cap.

Who Should use this?

A sports brace for adults suffering from anterior knee pain and patella tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon below the knee cap). More specifically, it is suitable for male and female athletes with the following:

  • Anterior knee pain – pain associated with the Patello-Femoral joint and its associated structures
  • Patella tendinitis
  • Chondromalacia patella
  • Jumpers knee (i.e inflammation of the structures around and below the knee cap known as the extensor mechanism)

This Knee strap is often used in high impact sports such as high jump, triple jump, long jump , sprinting, squash, tennis, basketball, 5-aside football etc.

How Does it Work?

As with all all tendon straps the Mueller Jumpers knee strap works by compressing the volume of the tendon decreasing the longitudinal forces placed upon them during muscular contraction and activity.

Sizing and Technical Information:

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is a good value product. It is advised for patients with mild to moderate symptoms but not for tendon tears or acutely inflamed and severely painful injuries which should be treated by a professional. We do not advise this brace for use in Osgood Schlatter’s or SLJ syndrome in children and adolescents as the brace encourages early return to sport which can damage the apophysis and may lead to more severe injury – For further advice refer to your G.P. or therapist.

One size fits most up to knee circumference up to 46cm (18”) measured just below the knee cap. It is secured via a self adjusting velcro mechanism.