Mueller HG80 Knee stabiliser

Mueller HG80 Knee stabiliser

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Mueller's HG80 knee stabiliser is a pull on support manufactured to exacting standards from tough antimicrobial fabric that provides circumferential compression to the knee joint and soft tissues. The comfortable material keeps the joint warm keeping the muscles relaxed and easing spasm and providing pressure protection to the posterior, medial and lateral knee.

Who Should Use This?

This knee support is for people who require an elite quality pull on sized knee brace. It can be used from adolescence into middle age and provides light circumferential support to the knee and patella-femoral joints, associated muscles and tendons including the patella tendon and distal hamstring tendons.

It is often used to improve confidence and provide low to moderate levels of support on return to activity and sport. Following acute injury it provides circumferential support and helps to restrain swelling and oedema.

More specifically it is recommended for use as follows:

  • Collateral knee ligaments injuries - medial / lateral with no instability
  • Anterior knee pain – patello femoral (mild cases)
  • Early osteo-arthritis
  • Mild cartilage injuries or following cartilage (meniscal) injury to provide added protection
  • Weak or vulnerable knees when extra support is needed
  • Popular as a training brace
  • Popular brace for use in manual jobs to provide extra support to injured or inflamed joints

How Does it Work?

Support is provided ot the knee by the reinforced neoprene sleeve. The compression provided helps to reduce the potential for swelling to develop in the knee joint (joint effusion). The warmth and support provided reduces injury risk and aid optimum function and flexibility.

Sizing and Technical Information:

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise this brace is an excellent and highly popular product and is often worn by individuals who are susceptible to knee strains who require a lightweight support that allows them to train or function by providing extra support and protection. This brace is not suitable to provide structural or mechanical support to unstable, weak or damaged ligaments for which we would advise our Mueller HG80 Hinged Knee Brace or similar braces with tri-axial or similar collateral hinges providing valgus/varus strain protection.

Measure around the centre of the knee and see the sizing box above to determine your required size.