McDavid Dual Strap Ankle Support

McDavid Dual Strap Ankle Support

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This ankle support from McDavid is a high standard functional brace that provides extra support to weakened and injured ankles affording improved stability and helping to prevent re-sprain. It offers lateral and medial support through an adjustable figure eight strap type design that allows forward and backward range of movement whilst protecting against inversion and eversion stresses to the ankle.

Who Should Use This?

This ankle brace can be used from adolescence into middle age to support the ankle joint and its ligaments. It is a very good sports brace for those who prefer a wrap around design with velcro strap support as opposed to a lace up design. Its clever design makes this brace suitable for most sporting pursuits including football, hockey, rugby, cricket, tennis, squash etc.

This is a functional brace designed to use as the injured athlete returns to weight bearing rehabilitation and running or training drills and for return to play. It provides anatomical support following injury to the ankles lateral ligaments (outside of the ankle), medial (or deltoid ligament - inside of the ankle) and capsular ligaments (around the ankle).

How Does it Work?

Chartered physiotherapists routinely tape injured ankles to protect them - running supportive bands of tape along and over the line of the injured ligaments to shorten and protect them. This clever brace allows the ankle to retain a functional range whilst supporting the collateral ligaments with the strong straps. The elasticated design provides compression and support reinforced by the velcro straps

Sizing and Technical Information:

Whilst no brace is quite as good as tape applied immediately before play by a trained therapist this type of brace is the next best thing - with the advantage of repeatable, quick and easy self application. This brace is not suitable for acutely swollen and injured ankles for which we advise the our Pneumatic Ankle Splint

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