McDavid Active Multisport Calf Sleeves

McDavid Active Multisport Calf Sleeves

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McDavid has produced another high quality targeted Compression garment with their Active Multisports Sleeve, Manufactured from Quick -Drying and Antimicrobial Timbrelle care and Polyamid yarns.

The McDavid Multisports Calf Sleeves enhances venous return, reducing metabolite build up whilst helping to improve oxygenation of the muscles. Reduced lactic acid build up and improved oxygenation protects you against muscular fatigue and injury.

The McDavid Multisports Calf Sleeve is suitable for all levels of ability and for virtually all sports and are now widely used in training and competition.

Enhanced Performance

  • The targeted compression garment is designed to improve venous return reducing the build up of toxins and metabolites in the muscles particularly during prolonged effort.
  • The Calf musculature benefits directly from improved oxygenation. Helping to improve performance and reduce the possibility of cramp.
  • The Proximal muscles such as the quadriceps and hamstring groups also benefit from this improved venous return.
  • Compression garments help to reduce impact and fatigue on the musculature allowing for improved performance during training for competition.

Injury Prevention

  • The McDavid Multisports Active Sleeve provides circumferential support helping to reduce stress on the structures in the lower leg and to help the muscles to work effectively.
  • Improved support helps to prevent injury in the lower leg.
  • Please note that Compression Sleeves are not suitable for compartment syndromes in the lower leg.

Enhanced Recovery

  • Following training the Mcdavid Multisport Sleeve when worn continues to improve venous return helping to dissipate metabolite and toxins from the leg and its muscles
  • This process reduces the possibility of delayed onset muscle soreness and post exercise cramp
  • Reduced muscle soreness allows you to recover more quickly and be fresh and prepared for your next session.

Quality assurance

  • This Mcdavid Product is a high quality product manufactured in Switzerland to exacting standards.

Sizing information

Please measure the length from top to bottom of the calf to establish the correct size

Size Length of Calf
Small 2 33-36cm
Medium 3 37-40cm
Large 4 41-43cm
X-Large 5 43-44cm
XX-Large 6 44-45cm