Bodymedics Pneumatic Ankle Splint

Bodymedics Pneumatic Ankle Splint

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An Acute injury brace to be used in the first few days and weeks following acute ankle sprain affording improved stability and helping to allow early weight bearing . The brace comprises strong plastic lateral supports lined with padded air cells whose pressure can be altered so that the brace conforms to the swollen ankle giving maximum support. As the swelling subsides the pressure can be released accordingly until the ligaments are stable enough to allow unsupported weight bearing.

Who Should Use This?

This ankle splint can be used from adolescence into middle age to support the ankle joint and its ligaments following sports injury or ankle sprain

It should be used immediately following ankle sprain or strain . This is a first aid brace designed to use during the early non weightbearing and early weight bearing days following injury. It provides compressive support following injury to the ankle's lateral ligaments (outside of the ankle), medial (or deltoid ligament - inside of the ankle) and capsular ligaments (around the ankle)

How Does it Work?

Compressive support is provided via air cells whose pressure can be altered via the pump supplied to conform to the injured ankle joint.

Sizing and Technical Information

Physio Warehouse's therapists advise that this ankle brace is suitable for acutely swollen and injured ankles but not for the rehabilitation phase following injury as the athlete returns to sport or injured person to work and weight bearing activities – for these circumstances we advise the Mueller HG80 Ankle (with straps)

One size fits all (up to UK size 13) due to the Velcro adjustable ‘under the foot’ fastening strap. The brace will also fit either ankle.