Shoulder Supports

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  • Medi Arm Sling

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    The medi arm sling is a shoulder support that relieves shoulder joint, humerus and elbow by fixing the arm close to the body. The thumb loop ensures improved stability. It can be used on either the left or the right side.

  • Medi Arm Fix

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    The medi arm fix is a shoulder support which assures almost complete immobilisation of the shoulder and elbow joints. It relieves pain in conservative therapy or after surgical procedures and corrects malpositions with centring of the humeral head in the shoulder joint socket. The shoulder support is very simple to put on (with one hand). By releasing the forearm loop, rapid follow-up treatment is possible. In addition, the skin-friendly material is comfortable to wear.

  • Medi Shoulder Sling

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    The medi shoulder sling is a universal shoulder support that assures immobilisation of the shoulder. It ensures a stable fixation of the shoulder and upper arm. The chest strap provides an additional stabilisation of the shoulder. The shoulder support allows easy access for wound inspection and a simple adjustment allows limited exercices.

  • Omomed Shoulder Support

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    The Omomed compressive shoulder support is brand new to the UK. A premium quality German shoulder support for protection of the  shoulder joint and its supporting structures. It should be used following medical direction  as a protective brace to limit movement and to hold the shoulder in a protected position.

4 Item(s)